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Premium Unlocked, No Watermark
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Requires Android 4.5
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If KineMaster Prime is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Download the most recent version of the KineMaster Prime Mod APK (No Watermark) from this page. This is the genuine, fully functional version of KineMaster Prime. Our users will always receive unique apps from us. Like other versions like Green KineMaster and KineMaster Diamond, KineMaster Prime is an improved version of KineMaster. This KineMaster version also includes several added features and functionality.

About Kinemaster Prime

If you are still looking for the greatest video editor, you have come to the correct place. The top-rated video editor in the entire globe will be yours today. And as of right now, this video editor will be your go-to choice for iPhone and Android devices.

The fact that KineMaster Prime can be used on mobile devices with little RAM and computing power is its strongest feature. There are many programs on the market, but they all require a powerful processor and RAM. Therefore, not everyone owns a high-quality cell phone.

Therefore, this app is designed for users with limited RAM and processors. If you want to get the original Apk of Kinemaster Prime, follow the instructions provided.


Kinemaster Prime Apk

The KineMaster video edition app is offered in the Google Play Store and the App Store, but the Apk version is restricted and does not have all the features. However, Kinemaster Pro can be used for business purposes, while Kinemaster Prime Apk is a completely unlocked mod program for Android consumers.

It is conceptually based on the primary official application for KineMaster. You may already be aware of the benefits of using this app to record videos on your phone.


However, I also have some irrefutable logic that I want to discuss here, and that you can see in the features option. The primary creator of KineMaster is the NexStreaming Company. They make their app available in a free mode, but not for nothing! You must pay to utilize the fully featured mode; otherwise, it only gives you a few choices. You are unable to create a polished video that resembles a computer in free mode.

You must thus find a substitute that enables you to use full-featured mode in this situation. You will even be able to use it to create a high-quality video. One tool that can assist you in resolving all of your problems is KineMaster Prime Apk.

Even versions of Android that cannot be updated will be supported by me. For additional features, several developers have created various distinctive versions of it. They are available at the bottom of this article. From those, you can pick the appropriate one.

 Why Kinemaster Prime Mod Apk?

If you currently use KineMaster, you should download and test out this new version to see what features are included and what ones you are missing. I hope these tools will enable you to make more engaging videos. Therefore, if you regularly use KineMaster, you should try the Prime version to see what has been added.


Hd Video

HD video results are supported by Kinemaster Premium Apk. However, experts believe that higher resolution comes from more pixels. Using a 1440 x 720-pixel resolution or a 1080 x 720-pixel resolution gives your consumers the finest visuals and navigation. On phones with less RAM, you can select the video quality from low to high using the Kinemaster app.


Download Any Video

You may easily download videos from a variety of online sources with the KineMaster App. Many other programs, even those that provide fantastic content for your videos, cannot achieve this. The use of this function will make creating videos simpler than ever before, so be sure to make use of it. It makes no difference if these videos are animated shorts, movie scenes, or music videos. You may combine them together to create a fantastic video that will be the talk of your family and friends.


 3d Transitions 

Traditional methods of entering and exiting clips have been replaced by 3D transitional effects. The transitions were particularly designed to maintain viewer interest throughout the entire video. Transitions are improved by the addition of buffers, mosaics, adjustable and controlled fades, and clipping zones in the Kinemaster pro apk. Feel free to try different approaches to attracting viewers to your videos.



Multilayers can also help those who create videos. For quick video clips, Multilayer’s video editing is useful. An effect, a media clip, a slow-motion clip, a text overlay, a handwriting overlay, and many other elements can be added to a multi-element clip. Kinemaster prime apk has almost endless potential if you make the most of each feature. If the Kinemaster light version of this program is too demanding for you, please verify that.


Asset Store

The Asset Store is one of Kinemaster Prime Apk’s gems. The number of HD photos, stickers, preset templates, filters, short animation clips, animated background images, text typefaces, text effects, transitions, and sound clips is endless. The absence of a copyright issue is arguably the most important advantage.


Chrome Key

The chroma key is an excellent technique to add some flair to your pictures or videos. To make the foreground more visible, crop out the green background from the primary image. Install this picture as the foreground on any backdrop picture, making any necessary edits to blend in. Prior to being termed the chroma key, the chromatic key was a feature that was frequently employed in VFX motion graphics. By modifying the Chroma key in Kinemaster Prime Apk, you may create beautiful visuals.



You can change how the video looks physically by using the Fx tool. By using preset filters or altering color, brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, or shine, videos can get more vibrancy. You may apply audio effects by modifying sound levels thanks to the sophisticated features in the Kinemaster Prime apk. Adding An error like this typically results in a problem when exporting from Kinemaster, whether you’re trying to voice-over your movie, add titles and music, or change the pitch of your sound.


 Supported Formats 

The audio formats MP3, WAV, M4A, and AAC are all supported. JPEGs, PNGs, BRMBs, WEBPs, and more image formats are supported by this software. Additionally, it functions well on every android device.



Finally, you can export and publish your material. Select whether you want to export your video in 30 or 60 frames per second. At a pace of one frame per second, these frames are played. The video can then be uploaded using the resolution that works with your Android device to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. You can export the image if it is present in the gallery.



  1. The use of the Kinemaster Prime app has various benefits.
  2. The app is incredibly intuitive and simple to use, among other benefits.
  3. It makes it simple for you to make videos with a polished appearance.
  4. You can utilize a variety of features and tools provided by the app to produce your films.
  5. It is a fantastic way to spread the word about your films and gain online exposure.
  6. You can use and download the app for free.


There are a few drawbacks to using the Kinemaster Prime app. Its resource-intensiveness is one of its key drawbacks.

As a result, your device will use up a lot of its resources, which could cause sluggish performance and battery loss.

The app is only available in a small number of countries, therefore you won’t be able to download it or use it if you’re not in one of those countries.

Lastly, because the program doesn’t have as many features as some of the other video editing apps out there, you might find your options limited.

Download Kinemaster Prime Mod Apk for Android

Sometimes it’s really easy to install an app from the Google Play store. But nobody knows how to do it when they wish to download an app from an unidentified source. If you’re one of them and don’t know how to install the software after downloading it, then stick to the instructions below.

  • Save the application.
  • When hovering the mouse, select the setting option
  • After that, select Security.
  • Unknown Source is permitted.
  • Then, double-click the downloaded apk clock.
  • Install Prompt.
  • It Will Produce An Icon In The Mobile Display After Installation

The KineMaster Apk has now been successfully downloaded and set up on your Android device. 

How To install Kinemaster 4k Prime Apk?

An effective video editing program for Android is Kinemaster 4k Prime Apk. You can use and download it for free. With this program, you can edit videos by adding filters, transitions, titles, and soundtracks. Additionally supported by Kinemaster 4k Prime Apk Download is the option to export HD-quality videos for posting on YouTube and other websites. You may get Kinemaster 4k Prime Apk from the Google Play Store or use the link we provided to download it to your smartphone.

Will KineMaster Prime be a free video editing app?

It is, indeed. The program has already been formally released in a free edition. But as of the time of writing this post, you may purchase its premium edition for about $4.99 if you want advanced capabilities and don’t mind occasionally seeing some adverts.

How To Use Chroma Key Effect in Kinemaster Prime?

A common special effect in movies and TV shows is the chroma key effect. With the help of this effect, you may change the background. Adding an additional layer of inventiveness makes scenes more fascinating. We have demonstrated how to use this effect in Kinemaster Prime in this article.

The most widely used video editor app for Android is called Kinemaster Prime. With its various capabilities, you may make high-quality videos without having any experience with video editing. The chroma key effect is one of these capabilities, allowing you to alter the background of your movies and give them a more unique feel.

You must upload a video clip to the timeline in Kinemaster Prime before choosing the chroma key type and using the chroma key effect.

You can employ a variety of chroma key types in Kinemaster Prime, including green screen, blue screen, and white screen.

Choose green for the background color if you want to use a green screen, and then click “Apply.”

By choosing them from the color wheel or by utilizing a color picker tool, you can easily alter the colors of your clips.

What types of videos can I edit with KineMaster Pro?

All types of videos, including square and 16:9 ratios, can be edited. Additionally, you may edit your still photos into chic-moving visuals using a separate tab. There is no longer a need to pay extra money to edit a video or a picture.

How To Kinemaster Prime Apk Download Old Version?

Kinemaster Prime is one of the best Android video editing apps. You may edit your videos with its many features to give them a polished appearance.

Many users download the Kinemaster Prime apk, but they are unable to install it or download an earlier version of the app. We included the download link and installation instructions for Kinemaster Prime Apk on this page.

Do I need to root my device?

Not at all, no. To install this program, your phone does not need to be rooted. As long as you own an Android phone or tablet, you can download and use this video editing program.

What Is Kinemaster Prime 4K tts?

A potent and adaptable video editing program is Kinemaster prime 4k tts. It offers a lot of capabilities that will make precise video editing possible. The sophisticated and user-friendly desktop, mobile, and tablet video editing program Kinemaster Prime can edit videos in 4K resolution. Additionally, it offers sophisticated editing features including the addition of watermarks, special effects, and subtitles.

Is there a trial period for KineMaster Prime?

There isn’t a formal trial period for this app, however, you can continue using KineMaster Pro for free if you don’t mind occasionally watching some advertisements.

What Is Kinemaster Prime Mod Apk?

The app’s unofficial version is known as Kinemaster Prime Mod Apk. The creators have changed it to incorporate a lot of other features that were absent from the original program. You may download the Kinemaster Prime Mod Apk from our source based on the type of device you are using. It is made to work with both iOS and Android devices.


I hope you use our website to find a genuine apk and that you also tell your friends about it on social media. You can explore the new features and capabilities of KineMaster Prime by downloading the apk from this page. It should be noted that this Kinemaster version has been modified to include a unique theme and new features. The remaining components are identical to those found in prior KineMaster iterations. Its theme and a few distinctive elements are the only significant variances.


KINEMASTER PRIME vLatest version APK MOD Download

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