Do you have an eagerness in becoming a professional video editor? Do you want to add text to your videos? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! You will learn how to use Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro Video Editor to create your own video projects.

You can use handwriting inside text boxes, titles, and descriptions and even add it as video effects. It’s not limited to text either: you can also doodle or draw anywhere you want! All this with one hand while your other hand controls the video! You’ll discover how simple it is to create stunning videos in Kinemaster Pro Video Editor that make your audience gasp in awe. 

KineMaster pro has been designed from the ground up to be intuitive and straightforward to use, even though adding numerous options and features. All video editing operations are completed with an easy, minimalistic design that puts the modifying capabilities first. The editor’s expertise guarantees that you will add and edit video simply, without ambiguity.

KineMaster incorporates many built-in tools for the efficient editing course, starting from a timeline, an advanced video, and an audio edition section – even the spectacular 3D transition suite. You’ll be able to add a video or audio effects akin to cuts, fades, transformations, and moves with a simple swipe across the screen. KineMaster pro is designed for professional editors as smartly because the complete beginner has been revered by well-known mobile movie artists and educational establishments. 

What is Handwriting in KineMaster?

Handwriting is the art of writing with ink or pencil by hand. Modern-day technology is used in many different video editing and animation applications, including special effects.

What is Handwriting in KineMaster?

The possibility to draw or write inside a text box comes from Kinemaster Pro Video Editor’s content preview feature. You can drag and drop any picture, drawing, or text you want to create your work of art! The software kinemaster pro can also add handwriting effects as well: when a textbox appears on the screen, you can type out any word or phrase, which will be converted into written words. 

You can draw, write text, doodle on videos, create titles, and enhance images. You can even use it for transition effects! This is the unique feature of KineMaster Pro. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and start creating compelling visuals! Text with handwriting is one of the best ways to add text to your video project.

Features Of Kinemaster Pro

  • Cutting and trimming videos
  • Video transitions for a smooth viewing experience
  • Add text annotations to a video
  • Make the background music more appealing
  •  KineMaster Video Export
  • A video with multiple layers
  • A mode of blending
  • Audio recordings
  • The Chroma Key to replace or remove the background
  • Managing speed
  • Effects that make a difference
  • There are a lot of stickers and emojis available in this collection
  • There is an instant preview available for you to view
  • A compressed version is available
  • An effective way to reduce noise

Steps To Use Handwriting In KineMaster Pro 

Handwriting, or drawing inside KineMaster, is one of the most unique and preferred features. For the use of the Handwriting tool in KineMaster Pro Video Editor. The following instructions will help you;Steps To Use Handwriting In KineMaster Pro 

  • Get KineMaster Open And Add Some Clips To It

As a starting point, you will require a few clips of your own before you can begin the editing process. Choose the clips you want to use, and then go to the timeline, which you will find to the left of your screen. A video clip can also be created using an image if you do not have any video clips.

  • Click On The Handwriting Tool And Open

 After you have added the clips, click on the Handwriting menu, and then choose to add handwriting to a textbox.

  • Click The Brush Tool And Pick A Brush Or Shape

You must choose your brush or shape when you click the handwriting tool. You can try out the different brushes until you find one right for you. Remember that you can also change your brush as needed to have various options available.

  • Color Your Brush Of Your Choice

Once the tool is enabled, you can choose to adjust your hand’s color. You can also change the color of your handwriting brush. Click on the palette icon in the coloring tab that you will see, and choose the one that you want to use.

  • Set The Size Of The Brush

Click on the brush icon, and you will see that you are provided with different options. You can change your brush size here by using the slider, or you can choose a specific size.

  • Create Your Text Box

The text box makes the introduction to your handwriting text. Choose a shape and size you like, and then click on it to create a text box. 

  • You Can Start Creating A Doodle Now

Inside the text box, you can start to create your doodle. Move your hand around the screen, and write whatever you like. Once you have your doodle layer created, you can add Animations to it. Your video viewers will be able to focus their attention on a particular area in your video this way.


So, that was all we had to share in this article. We hope you find the above tips helpful in getting started with Handwriting in KineMaster Pro. You can get instant access to KineMaster Pro Online Video Editor with handwriting. It is a must-have video software tool for creating stunning visuals, titles and animations, visual effects, and more.

Many people are interested in learning how to use Handwriting in KineMaster Pro, so we thought we would write this review on how to do it. Hopefully, now, you know more about how to use handwriting in Kinemaster Pro Video Editor. This is one of the tools that can increase the quality of your video and make it look more appealing to audiences. You can add special effects to enhance your video and make it more interesting.

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