pub-5138188366508948 How To Export 4k 60 FPS Videos in Kinemaster? (2023)

How To Export 4k 60 FPS Videos in Kinemaster? (2023)

In this article, we will provide you with information on how to export 4K 60 FPS videos within the Kinemaster app. You can find out more details in this article. We all know Kinemaster quickly comes to mind when we think of smartphone video editors, and it is one of our favorites. There is no doubt that Kinemaster offers the best video editing experience for Android and iPhone users. If you choose 60 fps, the video is exported in real time. 

You have to set the Bit-rate and Resolution Images to help you decide about video quality. You can play 4k 60 fps video on the Kinemaster without any problem, but you should follow some tips to make your video player smooth. The 4K video resolution and 60 fps are based on the device’s performance, and you can select this option when using a flagship phone.

If your phone has a less powerful processor, it will probably be better to adjust the output resolution to FHD and FPS to 30 in order not to stress it. This app plays all files with the help of a highly optimized player by default. Your device’s graphics processor and central system processor will be utilized when needed to connect with this video player.

In Kinemaster, users may not export their edited videos at 4K resolution at 60 frame rates because these settings aren’t shown on their smartphones. The following guide will explain how to fix this and enable 4K video with 60 fps on Kinemaster on your iPhone or Android device.

Allow 4K Video Resolution In Kinemaster

An analysis is performed in the Kinemaster app to determine your phone’s compatibility, and then the Kinemaster app is configured to support 4K video quality. There are two modes in Kinemaster: Layer mode and High-Resolution mode. Layer mode makes Kinemaster compatible with more layers of video, but this compromises the ability to export videos at higher resolutions.

How To Export 4k 60 FPS videos In Kinemaster?

Alternatively, the high-resolution mode permits you to export videos at high resolutions and frame rates, but it supports limited video layers. By default, the Kinemaster app is set up to operate in Layer mode. If you change it to High Resolution, which may solve your problem of not exporting videos in 4k at 60 fps settings, then you may be able to export them. To enable high-resolution mode in Kinemaster, take the following steps:

  • The first step is downloading and opening Kinemaster on your Android or iPhone device.
  • To access Kinemaster Settings, click on the Settings button.
  • In the Information section, click the Device Compatibility Information link.
  • You can now access the menu by clicking the top-right three dots.
  • There is an option for High-Resolution mode here. Layer mode is selected by default. Simply select High Resolution. Then you’re done.

Make sure your phone’s compatible

A problem with your phone’s ability to support 4k videos might be preventing you from exporting your video in 4k resolution. There is a built-in feature in Kinemaster that will enable you to check the compatibility of your device and perform a manual analysis. Following are steps to follow:

How To Export 4k 60 FPS videos In Kinemaster?
  • Install the Kinemaster app on your smartphone.
  • Again, click the gear icon to access the settings.
  • Click on Device Capability Information.
  • The Kinemaster app on your phone has an export quality limit that can be set under Edit & Share.
  • You can also perform a new analysis. Choose Run Analysis from the menu. Analyses take time to complete.

Video Export Errors & Solutions

Video Export Errors If you are experiencing problems exporting your videos like 4K 60 FPS, then these are some of the things that might be causing the errors. You need to know that the Kinemaster app was not installed on your phone successfully. For example, if you have a problem with the installation of this app, then you should install it again. You will not be able to export 4K 60 FPS videos in Kinemaster if your SD card does not support this file format. If you change SD cards and cannot resolve this error, you should reformat it or use a new one for enhanced performance. Some software bugs can also cause Kinemaster difficulty exporting 4K videos. It can be resolved by clearing the Kinemaster app’s cached data. Following are the steps that you need to follow to get started:

How To Export 4k 60 FPS videos In Kinemaster?
  • For Android phones, go to Settings.
  • Click on Apps.
  • Go to Kinemaster and open it.
  • Click on Storage.
  • You can now clear your data by tapping on it.

Make Sure Kinemaster Is Up-To-Date

Make Sure You Have The Latest Version Of The App Before you begin, make sure you’ve updated your Kinemaster app on your phone. We recommend you update Kinemaster every time there’s a new version; otherwise, the program will crash on start-up. After installing the latest version of the program. Kinemaster is an app that you can always rely on. The app may sometimes experience bugs or errors, which can be resolved quickly by updating.

How To Export 4k 60 FPS videos In Kinemaster?

This is especially true for users using older versions of this app. Then you need to delete the app and reinstall it. If your device supports 4k video quality, you can play 4k 60 fps video in Kinemaster with no problem. Some more tips and techniques may help you get better quality and performance from your smartphone video editor.

How To Export 4k 60 FPS videos In Kinemaster?

  • Here’s a step-by-step guide to exporting your 4K video at 60 frames:
  • Get the Kinemaster app and open it.
  • Choose the file you want to export.
  • Click the Share button to open the Export & Share window.
  • In the resolution field, select UHD 2160p. Set the frame rate to 60 and slide the bit rate to maximum.
  • Select all export settings and tap the Export button. 


If you have encountered any of the abovementioned problems, you should try the steps described above. We hope these solutions will resolve your problem, but if they don’t, please feel free in the comments to let us know so that others may also benefit from them.

We hope you have a better experience exporting 4K 60 fps videos in Kinemaster by now. If you have experienced other problems or want to share tips regarding 4k video with 60 fps export on Kinemaster, you can post your questions and solutions here. Thank you for visiting our guide on exporting 4k 60 fps videos in Kinemaster on iPhone and Android devices.

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